Holidays are behind us, a time when we eat more than usually. It usually is the greasy, salty or sweet food which affects the body negatively and asserts itself through issues in the digestive system. The most common issues are

constipation or bloating and gasses. In this text we’ll give you a simple recipe for body detox. Everyone can use it, even those who look after their body line.


-1 lemon
-2 dl of water, it could be lukewarm if you want to
-1 cinnamon stick or one spoon of powdered cinnamon
-a pinch of hot pepper
-a teaspoon of honey

Preparation: Squeeze the lemon in 2 dl of water and then add the cinnamon, honey and hot pepper. If you wish, you can add 1 cm of powdered ginger.

Use: Mix all the ingredients and drink in small sips.




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