This is incredibly quick and easy way to strengthen your immunity and prevent the development of various diseases!

If you are continuously troubled by colds, you have one more reason to try and strengthen your immunity. Well, there is probably no way as effective as the following.

Professor Sergei Bybnovskiy, a famous Moscow Kynesitherapy specialist has proposed a new and simple way to strengthen your immunity.

According to him, all you have to do is to pour 10-15 cm of completely cool water, or ice-cool to be more precise, into a bathtub or a large basin, right after you come home from your work.

And whatever you do, don’t add any warm water!

Once you pour your water, remove your socks and enter barefoot into the tub. When you do, keep tip-toeing or dancing for 10-15 seconds!

After you finish, get out of the tub, wipe your feet with a rough terrycloth and put on some woolen socks. Do this every night and you will significantly improve your immunity.

This method is especially vital for you if you are very sickly person. If you are, tap your feet in icy water every 4 hours.


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